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 In today’s world of mass production the custom handmade cowboy boot is becoming a thing of the past. Not at Rios of Mercedes, Anderson Bean or Olathe Boot companies.  They still make boots the old fashioned way and do it in America.  The local merchants normally order out of the stock program and everyone has the same inventory.  At CBYBOOTS.COM  we designed over 50 new styles that are unique in design trying to put a new face on the quality workmanship you can expect from these three great American traditions.  We have tried to make shopping and browsing easy. We are on the road visiting major horse events across the country so we can meet you and your friends. We want your input so we can improve our line of custom design and bring you what you want.  Shop at your convenience and let us know what you think. 
We are now specializing in Tall Top Boots.

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